Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

This is an incredibly exciting time to be leading the EPSRC UK-RAS Network, which has made exceptional progress as a champion and organising voice for UK robotics innovation since the Network’s launch just four years ago.  My focus, as incoming Executive Chair of the UK-RAS Network, will be firmly on supporting, stimulating, growing and promoting RAS research excellence in the UK – working with all in the UK to form a powerful research and innovation strategy.

Over the last four years, I believe the UK-RAS Network has successfully strengthened the research landscape and interdisciplinary community of RAS by facilitating research and education programmes across the UK. It has also significantly raised the awareness of RAS nationally & internationally through the UK Robotics Week, strengthened the interaction between the research community and end-users, enhanced the linkages of CDTs, provided coordinated investment to state-of-the-art capital facilities, and exerted significant influence on future direction and national policies of RAS and AI.

New activities of the Network will include:
• Thematic topic groups,
• Entrepreneurial programmes,
• Maintaining a vibrant UK-RAS eco-system,
• Development of industrial fellowship schemes,
• Management of national RAS assets,
• STEM ambassador programmes in RAS,
• Continuation and growth of planned network events, including the annual UK Robotics Week, Robotics Challenges, public engagement activities and exhibitions. 

The Network aims to continue stimulating collaboration and innovation to ensure that the UK’s world-class fundamental and applied robotics research continues to flourish.  On behalf of myself and the executive committee, we look forward to working with you and leveraging the existing investment and international centres of excellence to accelerate the future development of RAS in the UK.

Prof. Robert Richardson
Chair, UK-RAS Network