Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Nucleic Acid Synthesis System

University of Cambridge

Brand: Perseptive Biosystems
Model: Expedite 8909

The Expedite™ 8909 Nucleic Acid Synthesis System Is An Economical, Versatile Platform That Synthesizes Dna And Rna Oligonucleotides As Well As Peptide Nucleic Acids (Pna) With Fast Cycle Times And A Low Cost-Per-Base. The 8909 System Is Ideal For Synthesizing Short Primers And Probes As Well As Sequences Exceeding 100-Mer In Scales Ranging From 50 Nmol To 15 µmol. The Basic Expedite™ 8909 System Features Independently Controlled, Simultaneous Dual-Column Synthesis And 3.5 Minute Cycle Times. Up To Six Systems Can Be Controlled From A Single Expedite™ Workstation. The Workstation Monitors Synthesis Status On All Systems And Provides Single-Point Control For All Sequence Entry, Data Management, And Reporting Tasks.

No. Available: 1

Dr Simon Staines