Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Infrared Imaging System

University of Cambridge

Brand: Odyssey
Model: Clx

Odyssey Infrared Imaging System Allows Image Capture And Analysis Of Protein And Dna Gels. Rapid, Convenient Alternative To Chemiluminescent Imaging. Features: Wide Dynamic Range (Accurately Representing Weak And Strong Signals) Autoscan Function Two-Colour Detection High Sensitivity (Near-Infrared Fluorescence Provides Sensitivity Equal Or Better Than Chemiluminescence With Low Background And High Signal-To-Noise Ratio) Applications Include: Western Blot Analysis, Emsa, Protein Arrays, In-Cell Westernâ„¢ Assays, On-Cell Westerns, Coomassie Gel Documentation, Dna Gel Documentation, And Tissue Section Analysis.

No. Available: 1

Mr Stephen Mitchell