Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Flow Cytometer

University of Cambridge

Brand: BD Biosciences
Model: Cyan

Cyan Adp 9 Colour 3 Laser High Performance Research Analyser (Srf)

Cyan Adp Integrated To The Hypercyt Plate Loader Enables High Throughput Screening Of 384-Well Plates In Less Than 10 Minutes. With Front End Automation Of The Hypercyt And The Sensitive Optics And Analysis Speed Of The Cyan Adp, Compound Screening And Hts Assays Are Performed Quickly And Accurately.

Cyan Adp Uses Multiple Laser Excitation Sources To Analyze Biological Cells, Beads Or Other Microscopic Particles. The Cyan Adp Has State-Of-The-Art Optics,Utilizes High Performance Digitization With Pulse Processing Speed Up To 70,000 Events Per Second Complementing A High Acquisition And Analysis Capability Of Up To 100,000,000 Event Data Files.

Cyan Adp 9 Color Has 11 Parameters (Fsc, Scc, Fl1-Fl9) And Is Equipped With 405Nm, 488 Nm And 642 Nm Solid-State Lasers. Up To 9X9 Parameter Compensation Can Be Performed Manually, Using Bi-Exponential Transformation (Visicomp)Or Automatically. Some Key Research Applications Include Cd34 Enumeration, Signal Transduction, Antigen-Specific T-Cell Detection, Multicolor Immunophenotyping, Stemcell/Spanalysis, Dapi Cell Cycle Analysis And Cfp-Yfp Fret Analysis.

No. Available: 1

Prof. Roger Pedersen