Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Gas Chromatograph

University of Cambridge

Brand: Agilent
Model: 7890

Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph. Gas Chromatography (Gc), Is A Common Type Of Chromatography Used In Analytical Chemistry For Separating And Analyzing Compounds That Can Be Vaporized Without Decomposition. Typical Uses Of Gc Include Testing The Purity Of A Particular Substance, Or Separating The Different Components Of A Mixture (The Relative Amounts Of Such Components Can Also Be Determined). In Some Situations, Gc May Help In Identifying A Compound. In Preparative Chromatography, Gc Can Be Used To Prepare Pure Compounds From A Mixture. Please Liaise With The Research And Facilities Manager (Details Below) To Learn More And Discuss Access.

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Howard Jones