Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

DNA Sequencer

Imperial College London

Brand: Illumina
Model: HiSeq 2500

The Lab Has Use Of Two Illumina Hiseq 2500 Sequencers, The State-Of-The-Art Platform For Whole Genome Sequencing. The Hiseq 2500 System Is The First Illumina Sequencing System To Feature Two Run Modes – Rapid-Run And High-Output Run Mode – For One Or Two Flow Cells Simultaneously, Enabling A Flexible And Scalable Platform. Rapid-Run Mode Provides Quick Results, Efficient Processing Of A Limited Number Of Samples, And Longer Paired-End 150 Base Pair Reads, Which Allow Greater Depth Of Coverage And Improved Assembly For De Novo Applications.

High-Output Mode Is Perfect For Larger Studies With More Samples Or When The Greatest Depth Of Coverage Is Required. High-Output Mode Allows Batch Processing Of ~5X More Samples Than Rapid-Mode And Enables Completion Of Large Projects With The Fewest Runs Possible. Multiple Hiseq 2500 Configurations Allow Tuneable Output From ~10 Gb Or ~300 Million Single-End Reads In Seven Hours To 600 Gb Or Six Billion Paired-End Reads In Eleven Days Depending On Application Needs Or Project Deadlines.

Please Visit Manufacturers’ Website For Further Information: Http://Www.Illumina.Com/Systems/Hiseq_2500_1500.Ilmn

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