Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Liquid Chromatograph

University of Cambridge

Brand: ÄKTA
Model: Express

Akta Express Single System

Manufacturer: Ge Lifesciences
Model Akta Express

ÄKtaxpress™ Is A Complete, Intelligent, And Robust
Solution For Routine, Unattended Purification Of
Affinity-Tagged Proteins And Antibodies.
Automated Multistep Purification Is The Optimal Way
To Efficiently Achieve The Highest Possible Protein Purity.
In Addition, ÄKtaxpress Can Run Multiple Samples, Thus
Providing Both The Required Purity And Throughput.
It Is Possible To Purify Proteins Expressed At All Levels,
As Long As There Is At Least 2 Mg Of The Target Protein
In The Sample. Dual-Tagged Proteins Can Be Purified
Easily And You Have The Option Of On-Column Tag
Cleavage For All Protocols That Starts With An Affinity
Or Ion Exchange Step.

No. Available: 1

Prof. Alan Tunnacliffe