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Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Model: Cl40R

Thermo Fisher Scientific Centrifuge, Cl40R,

(With:Set Of 4 Sealed Buckets, Adapters, Sealed Microplate Carriers, Rotor M4 Swing Out, Various Inserts )

Cl40R Features:

Intuitive Control Panel

Operating The Thermo Scientific Cl40 Centrifuge Is Fast, Easy And Accurate With The Intuitive, Watertight Control Panel And Bright Display Which Allows For Continuous Monitoring From Across The Laboratory.

Protocols Can Be Saved In Five Memory Locations On The Panel For Instant Recall With A Single Keystroke.

For Each Protocol, Centrifugation Time, Speed, ‘G’ Force, Temperature, Acceleration And Braking Rates Can Be Selected. Both Set Parameters And Actual Run Conditions Can Be Displayed And Modified In Real Time.

Precise Rcf Setting And Display Can Be Achieved For Any Kind Of Adapter Or Container Simply By Programming The Radius To Within 1 Mm; Automatic Rotor Recognition Prevents Disallowed Speeds From Being Achieved. Reliable And Repeatable Runs

The Thermo Scientific Cl40 Series Incorporates Precise Microprocessor-Based Controls That Ensure Reproducible Runs In Conformity With Glp Standards.

To Adjust Protocols For Spinning Very Fragile Samples, The Cl40 Series Software Provides 5 Acceleration And 5 Braking Profiles. This Permits The Minimum Run Time To Be Achieved While Avoiding Resuspension Of The Pellet. Precise Temperature Control

Ventilated Cl40 And Models Provide Centrifugation At Room Temperature, With Minimal Sample Temperature Increase.

Refrigerated Cl40R And Models Are Equipped With A Powerful Refrigeration System, Offering Settings From -9°C To 40°C. Excellent Cooling Performance Is Provided, Even At Maximum Speeds. 4°C Is Easily Maintained At Full Load, Full Speed, And With Any Rotor.


Typical Capacities

30 X Microlitre 0.2-2Ml

76 X Tube 4-7Mm (13Mm)

76 X Tube 7-10Ml (16Mm)

48 X Conical 15Ml

24 X Conical 50Ml

28 X Universal 25Ml

16 X 96 Well Microplate

No. Available: 1

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