Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Liquid Handling Robot

University of Cambridge

Brand: Beckman Coulter
Model: Genomelab

The Genomelab Snpstream Genotyping System Is Capable Of Performing 4,600 To Over 3 Million Genotypes Per Day. Part Of The Genomelab Family Of Products*, This Automated, Scalable, Multiplexed System Can Process Up To 48 Snps In Each Well Of An Arrayed 384-Well Plate, For Cost-Effective High Throughput Snp Analysis. Based On Single-Based Primer Extension Reaction Technology, The System Integrates Hardware, Software And Reagents In A Compact Design. Snpstream Users Can Also Access Beckman Coulters Autoprimer.Com, A Unique Web-Based Tool That Automatically Provides Primers And Tag Assignments In A Matter Of Seconds, Using Proprietary Algorithms.

Genomelab Snpstream Genotyping Systems Feature A Simple Protocol With Just Three Steps, Compared To Over 15 Steps That Are Required For Competitive Systems. Based On Single-Based Primer Extension Technology, The 48-Plex Snpstream System Operates At 99% Accuracy. The Systems High Sensitivity Delivers Accurate Results Using As Little As 2 Ng Of Genomic Dna. The Plates Are Compatible With Biomek Series Liquid Handlers, For Fast Pre-And Post-Pcr* Setup.

All Components Of The Snpstream System Are Provided By Beckman Coulter And Are Optimized For Seamless Genotyping. The System Operates At A Consistent Cost Per Genotype Or Per Sample, Regardless Of Run Throughput, Allowing Users To Cost-Effectively Zero In On Targets With Low-Throughput Studies As Well As Conduct High-Throughput Analyses.

The Snpstream System Includes A Ccd-Based Imager, Data Analysis Workstation, Integrated Bar Code Reader, Automatic Robotic Plate Handler And Software And Reagents. The Software Suite Is A Comprehensive Set Of Advanced, Easy-To-Use Tools For The Complete Workflow Process, From Primer Design To 384-Well Plate Setup, Image Data Analysis And Genotype Calling.

No. Available: 1

Mr. Craig Luccarini

Application(s): Research