Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Confocal Microscope

University of Cambridge

Brand: Leica
Model: Tcs Sp8

Leica Tcs Spe Spectral Confocal Microscope. The Leica Tcs Spe Confocal Is A Point-Scanning, Spectral System For Fluorescence Imaging Of Live Or Fixed Cells. The Leica Tcs Spe Exclusively Provides Four Low Noise Solid-State Lasers For A Wide Range Of Applications. The Small Bandwidth 488, 532, 561 And 635 Nm Excitation Lines For Common Dyes Are Complemented By The 405 Nm Option For Nuclear Staining. Acousto- Optical Tunable Filter Minimises Bleaching And Avoids Phototoxic Effects On Samples. The Adjustable Z-Resolution, Motorized Pinhole Allows Image Fine-Tuning And Can Also Be Adjusted Manually If Stronger Signals Are Required, And The Infinitely Variable Pinhole Diameter Automatically Adjusts After Objective Changes To Ensure The Best Optical Conditions. Photograph For Reference Only. To Discover More And Discuss Access To This Piece Of Equipment, Please Liaise With The Primary Contact Detailed Below.

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Mr Phil Garret