Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Flow Cytometer

Imperial College London

Brand: BD Biosciences

The Bd Lsrii Flow Cytometer Instrument Is An Analyser With Four Lasers, An Argon Laser (6 Colours), Red Hene (2 Colours), Uv Laser (2 Colours) And Violet Diode (3 Colours) And Thus Capable Of Detecting 13 Fluorescent Signals E.G. Fitc, Pe, Pe-Texas Red Or Quantum Dot 605, Pe-Cy5, Pe-Cy5.5, Pe-Cy7, Apc, Apc-Cy7, Pacific Blue, Pacific Orange, Quantum Dot 605 And Violet And Green Indo-1 Signals.

No. Available: 1

Dr Yanping Guo