Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Microplate Cuvette Reader

University of Cambridge

Brand: Spectramax
Model: M2E

Spectramax M2E Microplate / Cuvette Reader

Spectramax M2 & M2E Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
Premier Dual-Mode Readers For Absorbance & Fluorescence Intensity-Based Assays

The Spectramaxâ® M2E Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Provides Two Detection Modes In One Platform And Has The The Added Functionality Of Bottom Read Fluorescence For Cell-Based Assays.

Uv-Visible Absorbance (Abs)
Fluorescence Intensity (Fi- Top Read)

The Spectramax M2 And M2E Microplate Readers Are The Standard For Uv/Visible Multi-Mode Reader Absorbance, Providing Ultrafast, Full Spectral Range Detection For Cuvettes, 96-, And 384-Well Microplates.

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Dr Robin Floyd