Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Dartec Hc10 Fatigue Tester

University College London

The Dartec Hc10 Consists Of A Test Frame Fitted With A Movable Crosshead. The Crosshead Can Be Adjusted To A Suitable Height In Order To Accommodate A Specifictest Design. The User Is Able To Set Up The Limits And Parameters Of Their Test Using The Cyclic Generator Application Under The Toolkit 96 Software. Upper And Lower Limits Need Tobe Set In Either In Load Or Stroke Mode In Order To Carry Out A Cyclic Test. In Reality These Limits Would Be The Definitive Parameters Of The Test, However, As The Machine Is Subject To Some Given Error The User Can Define Error Bands Or A Region Of Error Around These Limits In Which The Actuator Is Constrained To. Safety Features Are Available In The Software That Can Be Set Which Allows The Machine To Act Automatically. Such Actions Can Involve Shutting Down The Hydraulicpressure Or Subjecting The Machine To Operate In Set Up Mode (Idle Mode) Once A Particular Safety Limit Has Been Exceeded. The Toolkit 96 Software Has A Number Of Data Collection And Analysis Applications. The Data Acquisition Tool Can Be Set To Collect Data Over A Very Short Period Of Time I.E. Over 10 Or 20 Seconds. It Can Also Be Set Up To Automatically Collect A Very Short Range Of Data At A Given Cycle Number. Alternatively The User Can Set The Software To Collect Data By Continuous Logging Data Points For The Duration Of The Test.

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J Knowles