Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Plate Reader

University of Cambridge

Brand: Perkin Elmer
Model: Victor 3

Perkin Elmer 1420 Multilabel Counter Victor3 Plate Reader

Victor3 Multilabel Readers Are Flexible And Easyto-
Use Bench Top Readers Covering All Of The Main
Non-Radioactive Reading Technologies. Based On Your
Needs, You Can Select From A Basic Fluorescence And
Luminescence Model, To The Fully-Loaded Victor3 V.
The Uniquely Designed Direct Optics Ensures The
Very Best Sensitivity And Working Range With All
Technologies. To Measure Your Assay With Victor3,
Simply Load The Plate, Select A Protocol, And Start
The Measurement. Details Of The Plates, Filters And
Labels You Use Are All Pre-Installed On Victor3.
Victor3 Models Accepts All Types Of Microplates
From 1- To 1536-Wells As Well As Petri Dishes, Slides,
Filters, Terasaki- And Pcr Plates. Plates Can Be
Easily Loaded Manually, Using Optional 20- Or 40-
Plate Stackers Or Integrated Into A Robotic System.

No. Available: 1

A Thackray

Application(s): Research