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Capital Equipment

Driving Simulator

University of Leeds

The University Of Leeds Driving Simulator (Uolds) Is The U.K’S Most Advanced Such Research Facility. Operational Since Early 2007, Uolds Is The Second Generation Of Driving Simulators Developed At The University. It Allows The Observation And Analysis Of Driver Behaviour In A Repeatable, Controlled And Safe Environment. Its Hardware Is Tuneable And Its Software, Developed In-House, Is Fully Flexible Such That Driving Scenarios Can Be Tailored To The Needs Of An Individual Research Project.

The Key Features Of The Uolds Are:
€¢ Motion System: 2.5T Payload, Eight Degree Of Freedom Motion System Creating Realistic Inertial Cues Of Cornering, Braking And Road Roughness. Of All Driving Simulator Facilities Worldwide, Only Three Exist With Superior Motion Characteristics.
€¢ Cab And Dome: Full-Scale Jaguar S-Type Vehicle Cab Housed Within A 4M Diameter Spherical Projection Dome.
€¢ Eye-Tracker: Seeing Machines Facelab V5.0 Stereo Camera Pair Allowing The Recording Of Many Eye-Related Variables Of Both Driver Attention (E.G. Gaze Location, Fixation Duration) And Driver State (E.G. Eye-Closure, Pupil Diameter, Blink Rate).
€¢ Image Generation: Pc-Based Image Projection System Of Eleven Different Visual Channels (8 Forward And 3 Rear Visual Channels) Covering A Fully Immersive, Seamless Wrap-Around Display. The Forward 195° Of The Visual Scene Is Rendered In High Definition (1920X1200 Pixels Per 65° Channel) And Can Also Be Perceived In 3-D Using A Passive Stereo Technique. Two Separate Images Of The Scene Are Displayed And Observed By Each Eye Independently Using Infitecâ„¢ Wavelength Filters In The Projectors Light Paths And Complimentary Filter Glasses Worn By The Driver.
€¢ Software: Run-Time Platform Developed In-House In C++ Using Industry Standard Visual Modelling And Graphics Libraries.
€¢ Control Loading: Kinaesthetic Feedback Through Pedal Feel And Steering Wheel Loading.
€¢ Sound System: Realistic Binaural Acoustics Of Engine, Transmission And Environmental Noise Through Four Wide Frequency And One Bass Frequency Speakers.
€¢ Building: 14M X 12M X 7M Laboratory Space And Associated Control Rooms.

No. Available: 1

Dr Andrew Jamson

Application(s): Automotive