Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

PCR Machine

University of Cambridge

Mj Dna Engine Tetrad

The Dna Engine Tetrad Consists Of Four Sample-Block/Heat-Pump Modules Suitable For Amplifications In Either 96- Or 384-Well Format. The Temperature Control Is Provided By Peltier-Joule Heat Pumps Which Samples Thermal Profiles Every 50 Milliseconds. The Temperature Of The Heatings Blocks Can Be Easily Modulated At A Rate Of 3.0°C/Sec Within A Range From €“5.0°C To 105°C. We Perform Our Amplifications In 384-Well Plates, But As Mentioned Above, It Is Also Possible To Use 96-Well Plates. Since My Research Projects Require The Amplification Of Thousands Of Cdna Clones, The Option Of Having Four 384-Well Format Blocks In One Machine Made Scaling Up Easier. We Have Now Purchased Four Of These Machines, Which Allows Us To Amplify An Arrayed Cdna Library Of 50,000 Clones Within A Week.

3 X Als1296 Blocks
Holds 96 X 0.2Ml Tubes Or One 96 Well Microtiter Plate. The 96-Well Format Blocks Feature Gradient Capability.

1X Al1244 Block
Allows Two Independent Protocols To Be Run Simultaneously On The Same Cycler Bay. Each Side Of The 48/48 Holds 48 X 0.2Ml Tubes, And Has Its Own Heated Lid With Thumbwheel Adjustment.

No. Available: 1

Dr Chris Reitter

Application(s): Research