Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Scanning Electron Microscope

University College London

Model: Jsm-6610Lv

The Jsm-6610Lv Low Vacuum Sem Is A High-Performance Electron Microscope For Fast Characterisation And Imaging Of Fine Structures On Both Small And Large Samples, Enabling Observation Of Specimens Up To 200Mm In Diameter. The Low Vacuum Mode Allows For Observation Of Specimens That Cannot Be Viewed At High Vacuum Due To Excessive Water Content Or Because They Have A Non-Conductive Surface. Its Capabilities Include Detailed Measurements And Dual Live Image Display Of The Secondary Electron Image And Backscatter Composition Image. A 50Mm X-Maxn (Oxford Instruments) Silicon Drift Detector Is Attached To The Sem For Elemental Microanalysis With Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy. The Analysis Is Carried Out Through The New Aztecenergy Software Platform. The Laboratory Houses Carbon And Gold Coaters For Coating Samples Prior To Sem Use.

No. Available: 1

M Georgakopoulou