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Capital Equipment

Nmr Spectrometer

University of Cambridge

Nmr Spectrometer. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Most Commonly Known As Nmr Spectroscopy, Is A Research Technique That Exploits The Magnetic Properties Of Certain Atomic Nuclei . It Determines The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Atoms Or The Molecules In Which They Are Contained. It Relies On The Phenomenon Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance And Can Provide Detailed Information About The Structure, Dynamics, Reaction State, And Chemical Environment Of Molecules. Most Frequently, Nmr Spectroscopy Is Used By Chemists And Biochemists To Investigate The Properties Of Organic Molecules, Though It Is Applicable To Any Kind Of Sample That Contains Nuclei Possessing Spin. Suitable Samples Range From Small Compounds Analyzed With 1-Dimensional Proton Or Carbon-13 Nmr Spectroscopy To Large Proteins Or Nucleic Acids Using 3 Or 4-Dimensional Techniques. The Impact Of Nmr Spectroscopy On The Sciences Has Been Substantial Because Of The Range Of Information And The Diversity Of Samples, Including Solutions And Solids. Photograph For Reference Only. Liaise With Primary Contact To Learn More And Discuss Access.

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Dr Peter Grice