Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Brand: Leica
Model: CM 1900

The Leica Cm1900 Is A Rapid Sectioning Cryostat For Advanced Routine Diagnostics In Histology And Clinical Histopathology. This Leica Cryostat Offers Extremely Rapid Specimen Freezing And Frequent Changes In Specimen Temperature, Meeting Even The Highest Demands For Smooth Operation And Enhanced Safety. With The Cm1900€™S Overall Engineering And Ergonomic Concept, The System Provides Accurate Results For Any Cryostat Application.

The Cm1900 Is Equipped With An Ergonomically Positioned Handwheel For Extremely Smooth Movement And Easy Locking In The Upper Position. The Model Also Provides A Functional Control Panel, Which Includes Self-Explanatory Single-Function Keys And Easily Readable Leds To Prevent Operating Errors. The Motorized Coarse Advance Is Ergonomically Positioned In The Arm Rest At The Left And Operated Via Push Buttons.

Together With The Leica Cm1900€™S Speedy Specimen Temperature Control, Sectioning Of Various Different Kinds Of Specimens Can Be Done Rapidly And Easily. This Helps Clinics In Improving Overall Productivity.

Other Features Of The Leica Cm1900 Cryostat Include: A High-Precision Microtome Enclosed In A Special Housing To Protect It From Contamination, A Quick Freeze Shelf For Rapid Freezing, And A Spacious Open-Top Cryochamber With Separate Specimen Cooling.

No. Available: 1

Mr. Julian Bowen