Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Polarising Microscope

University of Cambridge

Brand: Nikon
Model: Eclipse Me600

Nikon Eclipse Me600 Polarising Microscope And Digitial Imaging Camera. Nikon’S Eclipse Me600 Research Microscope Is Equipped With The Revolutionary Cfi60 Infinity Optical System, Providing Bright, Sharp, Crisp And Clear Images In All Applications. The Me600 Is Equipped With A Detachable Substage, A 12-Volt 100-Watt Tungsten-Halide Lamp, Filter Magazine, And A Choice Of Sextuple Nosepiece Or Sextuple Dic Nosepiece. The Microscope Features A Longer Focal Length Tube Lens, A Characteristic Feature Of The New Cfi60 Infinity Optical System, And A New Multiple Point Rigid Design For Attaching Accessories. Advanced Universal Objectives Allow For Multiple Observation Techniques — Such As Brightfield, Darkfield, Nomarski Dic, Epi-Fluorescence Or Phase Contrast — Eliminating The Need To Change Objectives While Maintaining The Same Optical Quality As Dedicated Lenses. Photograph For Reference Only. To Discover More And Discuss Access To This Piece Of Equipment, Please Liaise With The Research And Facilities Manager (Details Below).

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Howard Jones