Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Motorised Inverted Microscope

University of Cambridge

Brand: Olympus
Model: Ix81

Olympus Ix81 Inverted Motorised Microscope For Live Cell And Fixed Specimen Imaging

Ix81 Inverted Research Microscope With Uis2 Objectives
Flexible Modular Automation System Allows Adaptation For Different Research Purposes Through The Addition Of Motorised Modules Such As Condensers, Filter Wheels, Shutters And Stages, All Of Which Are Controlled By A Hand Switch Or Olympus Imaging Software.

Olympus Cellsens Imaging Software Packages Enable Archiving, The Analysis Of Multistained Specimens And Semi-Automated Experiments With Live Cells. Basic And Integrated Solutions Are Available For Time-Lapse Imaging, Multiple Image Alignment, High Content Screening And More.

Data Aquistion System

Volocity Aquisition System Based On An Olympus Ix81

Imaging Software

Volocity Acquisition Is Designed To Drive The Ultraviewâ® Vox 3D Live Cell Imaging System And Provides High Speed Image Capture On Mac Or Windows Os. It Is Easy To Use And Features A Powerful Range Of Tools.
Flexibility And Ease-Of-Use For Faster Results

Easily Build Experimental Protocols, Whether For Simple 2D Capture Or Multi-Channel Experiments
Add Time-Lapse, Motorised Xy Stage Control For Multi-Point Experiments, Stitch Multiple Fields, Acquire 2D Reference Images Within 3D Stacks Within The Same Interface
Build High Performance Systems With Options For Dual Camera Simultaneous Acquisition For The Fastest Two Channel Acquisition, Full Frap Acquisition And Analysis Workflow And Online Ratio Imaging And Analysis
Save Protocols For Future Use So That It’S Easier To Repeat Regular Experiments
Customize The Interface For Simpler Navigation

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Dr C Crump