Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Infrared Spectrometer

University of Cambridge

Brand: Bruker
Model: Tensor 27

Bruker Tensor 27 Infra Red Spectrometer. The Bruker Tensor 27 Fourier Transform Infrared (Ft-Ir) Spectrometer Can Rapidly Identify, Quantify And Verify Routine Samples. Spectral Range:7,500 To 370 Cm-1, With Standard Kbr Beamsplitter, Resolution: Better Than 1 Cm-1 (Apodized), Inter-Ferometer: Rocksolid, Permanent Aligned, High Stability, Scan Speed 3 Velocities, 2.2 – 20 Khz (1.4 – 12.7 Mm/Sec Opd), Optional 4 Velocities, 2.2 – 40 Khz. To Discover More And Discuss Access To This Piece Of Equipment, Please Liaise With The Primary Contact Detailed Below.

No. Available: 1

Mr Robert Cornell