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Capital Equipment

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University of Cambridge

Dna Engine Tetrad Peltier Thermal Cycler

** Product Description :

* Introduction:
For High-Throughput Applications Or Busy Labs, The Ptc-225 Or ‘Tetrad’ Dna Engine Tetrad May
Be The Best Option. This Allows Up To Eight Separate Blocks To Run Synchronous Or Independent
Reactions. A Compact Footprint Is Maintained By Housing The Power Supply Separately Outside The
Chassis, Good For Tight Spaces Or Robotic Applications.

*Features & Specifications:
· Hot Bonnet Heated Lid Incorporates A Thumbwheel To Adjust Height And Pressure. This
Feature Assures Tight Sealing Of Reaction Vessels Even Microplates During Oil-Free Thermal

* Peltier-Effect Heat Pumps Robustly Designed For Repeated Cycling Deliver The Full
Temperature Range Of 0°-100°C Electronically

* Speedy Ramping Rates Of Up To 1°C/Sec In Models That Hold 0.5Ml Tubes, 96-U-Well Or
192-Well Plates; Up To 1.4°/Sec In Models That Hold 0.2Ml Tubes Or V-Well Plates; Up To
2.5°/Sec In Models With The Silver-Gold Block.

*Temperature Homogeneity: ±0.4°C Within 30 Seconds Of Arrival @ 60°C For All Standard

· Memory Stores Approximately 320 Programs, And Cycler Comes With 14 Pre-Programmed
Protocols. Any Sequence Of Temperatures Can Be Cycled Up To 10,000 Times; Ramping
Rates Less Than Maximum May Be Specified.

* Extremely Accurate Incubations, With Nist-Traceable Calibration. Any Temperature
Including Below-Ambient Temperatures May Be Held Indefinitely. This Feature Allows
Refrigeration After An Unattended Run.

* Parallel Printer Port (Optionally) Allows The Instrument To Print Thermal Profiles In Real
Time And Document Programs In Hard Copy. Additionally, An Analog Jack Can Output To A 0-
5 Volt Chart Recorder.

*Power-Failure Protection Will Resume Program After Power Interruptions Of Up To
Twelve Hours.

* 4-Bay High-Throughput Thermal Cycling

* Up To 8 Individual Sample Blocks, Which Can Be Controlled Independently Or As A

* Up To 1536 Samples Can Be Processed Simultaneously

* Real-Time Monitoring Of Cycling Temperature

* Extraordinary Temperature Uniformity Of ±0.4°C Within 30 Seconds Of Arrival At 90°C,
Well-To-Well Average (±0.5°C For Dual Block Alphas).

* Superb Thermal Accuracy Of Blocks Within ±0.3°C Of Nist Standard At 90°C, Average
Across Block (±0.4°C For Dual Block Alphas).

* Thermal Range Of -5° To 105°C

* Rapid Ramp Rates Of Up To 3.0°C/Sec

No. Available: 1

Ms Sara Singlehurst

Application(s): Research