Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Microplate Reader

University of Cambridge

Brand: Bmg Labtech
Model: Fluostar Omega

Labtech Fluostar Omega Computer Controlled Plate Reader Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Featuring Bmg Labtech’S Tandem Technology. Utilizes High Speed Uv/Vis Spectrometer Based Absorbance And Ultra Sensitive Filter-Based Detection In All Detection Modes Such As: Uv/Vis Absorbance – Measurement Of Complete Spectra Or Individual Wavelengths Fluorescence Intensity – Including Fret Time-Resolved Fluorescence – Including Delfiaâ® Tr-Fret – Including Htrfâ® And Lanthascreentm Alphascreenâ® / Alphalisaâ® High-Performance Luminescence (Flash And Glow) – Including Bret Applications Include: Monitoring Absorbance Changes In Cellular Co-Factors Nadh And Nadph Allowing The Determination Of Enzymatic Activity Elisa, Dna And Bradford Protein Quantitation Assays Reaction Optimization (Metallation Of Porphyrin In Twelve Different Solvents) By Parallel Kinetic Studies Aggregation Assays Evaluation Of Parp Inhibitors Measuring Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Reporter Gene Assays: Gfp, Yfp, Luciferase, Dual Luciferase, Bret Orac, Determination Of Antioxidant Activity, Oxygen Consumption And Ros Determination Protein, Dna And Rna Quantification (E.G. Bradford, Absorbance 260/280, Quant-It Picogreen Assay)

No. Available: 1

S Peters