Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Confocal Microscope

University of Leeds

Brand: Nikon
Model: A1R

Nikon A1R Is An Advanced Fully Automated High Specification Confocal Imaging System. It Has A Unique Hybrid Confocal Scan Head, Which Incorporates A Resonant Scanner, Which Allows High-Speed Imaging, And A Conventional Galvanometer To Produce High-Resolution Images. This System Therefore Facilitates Ultra High Speed Imaging With Excellent Image Quality. Furthermore The Hybrid Scanner Enables Simultaneous Photo-Activation And Imaging, Which Is Critical When Studying Cell Dynamics And Interactions. The System Has Enhanced Spectral Imaging Abilities And Is Able To Perform Fast Acquisition Of 32-Channel Spectral Images And Real-Time Spectral Unmixing. Additional Key Features Of This System Include The Incorporation Of A Perfect Focus System And A Fast Piezoelectric Focus Drive. The Microscope Is Equipped With 405Nm, 457-514Nm, 561Nm And 642Nm Lasers. The System Is Controlled By The Easy To Use Nis- Elements C Advanced Software Platform Which Enables Complicated Sequences Of Experiments To Be Performed Such As Photo Activation, Image Tiling (Stitching Of Adjacent Fields To Give High Resolution Imaging Of Tissues) And Multidimensional Image Acquisition (X, Y, Z, Time, Wavelength, And Multipoint Capture). The A1R Is Housed In A Heated Co2 Incubation Chamber.

No. Available: 1

Dr Jacquelyn Bond