Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Brand: Beckman Coutier
Model: Optima L

Optimaâ„¢ L-100 Xp Ultracentrifuge Optima L-Xp Utilizes The Most Advanced Materials And Technology To Achieve The High Performance Needed – Up To 100,000 Rpm Features The Air-Cooled Design And Delivers An Energy-Efficient Ultracentrifugation System The Imbalance-Tolerant Optima L-Xp Drive Safely Accommodates Tubes That Are Under- Or Over-Filled By As Much As 10%. This Equipment Is Placed Within A Facility That Is Currently Under A Defra Licence Therefore Anyone Wishing To Be Trained And Subsequently Use Any Of This Listed Equipment Would Need To Register For Use Of The Facility And Not Just The Equipment And Sign Off On All Local Risk Assessments, Health & Safety Guidelines And Be Given A Lab Induction. For Further Information Or To Arrange Access Please Liaise With The Primary Contact Listed Below.

No. Available: 1

Ms Sarah Barker