Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Radiosynthesis System

University of Cambridge

Brand: Synthra
Model: RNPlus

Rnplus Module, Incl 8 Column Valve C5H-2008Emtd Automated Radio Synthesis System For Routine Production Of Wide Variety Of [18F] Fluorine Labeled Compounds By Nucleophilic Substitution With Automated Sequences For Compounds Like [18F]F – Dopa, [18F]Fdg, [18F]Flt, [18F]Fhbg, [18F]Fddnp, [18F]Miso, [18F]Faza And [18F]Fluorocholine. Please Liaise With Primary Contact To Discuss And Arrange Access.

No. Available: 1

Dr Istvan Boros