Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Superspeed Centrifuge

University of Cambridge

Brand: Sorvall
Model: Evolution Rc

Thermo Scientific* Sorvall Evolution Rc Superspeed Centrifuge Delivers Efficient, High-Volume Sample Processing For Enhanced Productivity.
Employing Innovative Technology, The Sorvall Evolution Rc Centrifuge Offers A 6L Capacity, Speeds To 26,000Rpm, And Simplified Sample Handling For Shorter Processing Times With More Throughput And Maximum Reliability.
Rotors Available:-
Ss34 – Fixed Angle (34°) Aluminum Made Rotor
Capacity: 8 X 50Ml
Max. Speed/Rcf: 20,500Rpm/50,228Xg
K Factor: 714
Sla3000 – Fixed Angle (23°) Aluminum Made Rotor
Capacity: 6 X 500Ml (3L)
Max. Speed/Rcf: 12,000Pm/24,336Xg
K Factor: 2364
T880 –
F14-6X250Y – Fixed Angle (23°) Carbon Fiber Composite Rotor
Capacity: 6 X 250Ml
K Factor: 1690
Max. Speed/Rcf: 14,000Rpm/31,000Xg†

No. Available: 1

Dr John O’Brien