Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Brand: Beckman Coulter
Model: Optima XI-I

Beckman Optima Xl-I Analytical Ultracentrifuge With Uv And Interference Optics

The Proteomelab Xl-I Allows In-Solution Characterization Of Proteins, Oligomers, Aggregates, Particles, Colloids, And Small Structures. In-Solution Characterization Allows For Testing In Native Conditions, Meaning You Determine The Sample Testing Environment That Best Suits Your Needs. The Unique Column-Free Separating Technique Of The Xl-I Measures The Relative Change In The Distribution Of Molecular Weights, Providing An Efficient Way To Measure Heterogeneity, Stoichiometry And Self-Associating Systems. And, Because The Measurements Are Based On The First Principles Of Thermodynamics And Hydrodynamics, No Standards Or Calibrations Are Required. As A Result, You Spend Less Time On Setup And More Time On Discovery.

The Xl-1 Is Configured With A Scanning Uv/Vis Detection System,Which Provides Sensitivity For Low-Concentration Work And Selectivity For Optimizing Detection Based On The Sample’S Maximum Absorbance. It Also Has Rayleigh Interference Optics And The Capability To Measure The Change In Refractive Index Resulting From Changes In Sample Concentration. The Xl-I Can Collect Data From Both Detection Systems Sequentially, To Provide The Broadest Spectrum Of Data For Protein Characterization In Solution.

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Dr. Katherine Stott