Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

University College London

The Jeol Jsm 5410 Lvsem Is A Versatile Microscope With 3 Attached Detectors: A Secondary Electron Detector For Imaging And Topography, A Back-Scattered Electron Detector Giving Compositional Information And An X-Ray Detector For Elemental Analysis. The Spacious Specimen Chamber Enables Examination Of Single Large Samples Up To 150Mm Diameter With 125Mm Diameter Viewable Or Several Smaller Samples (Up To 8) In Various Multi-Holders. The Eucentric Goniometer Stage Offers High Accuracy And Vibration Resistance With Tilt From -10 To +90? And Continuous Dynamic Focus. In High Vacuum Mode The Resolution Is 4Nm Whilst In Variable Pressure Mode The Resolution Remains A Decent 5.5Nm. There Are Several Automated Functions Including Focus, Contrast And Brightness Settings, Astigmatism Correction, Photo Acquisition And A Low Vacuum Mode. There Are Four Sets Of Frame Memories So That Up To Four Separate Images That Can Differ In Magnification, Detector Type, Accelerating Voltage, Etc, Can Be Compared On One Screen With A High Resolution Digital Image Capture Facility Which Includes Some Measuring And Image Analysis Functions.

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