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Capital Equipment

Milling Machine

Imperial College London

The Focused Ion Beam (Fib) System Uses A Ga + Ion Beam To Raster Over The Surface Of A Sample In A Similar Way As The Electron Beam In A Scanning Electron Microscope (Sem). The Generated Secondary Electrons (Or Ions) Are Collected To Form An Image Of The Surface Of The Sample.The Ion Beam Allows The Milling Of Small Holes In The Sample At Well Localized Sites, So That Cross-Sectional Images Of The Structure Can Be Obtained Or That Modifications In The Structures Can Be Made.
Most Instruments Combine Nowadays A Sem And Fib Column. Therefore, The Helios Nanolab 600 Is Called Dualbeam.
Generally The Ion Beam Will Be Used For Milling And The Electron Beam For Imaging. It Allows Non-Destructive Imaging At Higher Magnifications And With Better Image Resolution, And Also More Accurate Control Of The Progress Of The Milling.

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Dr Ecaterina Ware