Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Flow Cytometer

University of Cambridge

Brand: BD Biosciences
Model: Fortessa

Bd Lsr Fortessa Analytical Flow Cytometer

The Bd Lsrfortessaâ„¢ Cell Analyser Is A High End Analytical Flow Cytometer And Offers Unmatched Performance, Capabilities, And Flexibility, Utilising A Revolutionary Optical Design. The Electronics Digitise Signals 10 Million Times Per Second In 16,384 Discrete Levels. This Expands Channel Resolution And Increases Detection Sensitivity. Electronic Dead Time Is Eliminated; More Precise Fluorescent Measurements Can Be Made Improving Linearity, Compensation, And Better Quantification Of Fluorescence Measurements.

The Lsr-Fortessa Is A 4 Laser, 18 Colour Machine. The Fortessa Runs At The Same Speed With The Same Software As The Cantoii, But Has The Fluidics System Of The Facscalbur. It Is The Only Cytometer We Have For Measuring Yellow Excited Flourochromes Such As Mcherry And Alexa568. The Bd Lsrfortessaâ„¢ Uses Facsdiva Software For Acquisition And Analysis.

No. Available: 1

Dr Anna Petrunkina-Harrison