Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Leeds

Samples Are Centrifuged In Cells Which Are Transparent Top And Bottom. A Laser Scans The Cells At Regular Intervals During Centrifugation, Recording Changes In Absorbance Along The Cell. A Typical Result From A Sedimentation Velocity Experiment Is Shown At Top Right Above. Early Scans (In Blue) Show The Boundary Moving As Molecules Start To Sediment; Later Scans (In Red) Show The Molecules Have Been Cleared From The Top Of The Cell, Giving A Low Absorbance, And Accumulating At The Bottom Of The Cell. Larger Molecules (E.G. Multimers) Will Tend To Sediment Faster Than Smaller Ones; Globular, Folded Molecules Will Sediment Faster Than Asymmetric Or Unfolded Molecules Of The Same Molecular Weight. Different Rotor Speeds Are Chosen For Analysis Of Different Sized Molecules.

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Prof Peter Stockley