Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Fluorescence Stereomicroscope & Camera

University of Cambridge

Brand: Leica
Model: Mz16 F

Leica Mz16 Fluorescence Stereomicroscope

Basic Magnification Range Is 7.1X To 115X With A 10X Eye Piece
Fully Apochromatic Optics System
Motorized 16:1 Zoom
Motorized Fluoiiiâ® Filter Changer For 4 Filter Sets
Motorized Double Iris Diaphragm With Display
Motorized Focus (Optional)
Automatic Filter Detection
Automatic Uv Shutter
Automatic Control Of Multifluorescence Experiments
Position Memory For Zoom, Focus, Filter Changer, And Double Iris Diaphragm
Automated Control Of 5 Working Procedures
Ergonomic Manual Control System For Control Of Zoom, Filter Changer, Uv Shutter, Double Iris Diaphragm, Individually Configurable
Coarse And Fine Adjustment Of Zoom And Focus, Focus Speed Corresponding To Zoom (The Higher The Finer)
Foot Switch For Zoom, Filter Changer Or Uv Shutter
Magnification With 2X Planapochromatic Objective: 230
Magnification With 1X Planapochromatic Objective: 115
Resolution With 2X Planapochromatic Objective: 840 Lp/Mm = 0.6 Micron
Resolution With 1X Planapochromatic Objective: 420 Lp/Mm
Near Vertical Illuminator (5° Off-Axis) Available For Animal Surgery & Imaging Cracks Or Fissures

No. Available: 1

Mr Peter Humphreys

Application(s): Research