Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Real-time Rotary Analyser

University of Cambridge

Model: Rotor-Gene 6000

The Rotor-Gene 6000 Is A Third-Generation Real-Time Rotary Analyser. Its Unique Centrifugal Format Was Designed Specifically For The Demanding Requirements Of Real-Time Cycling And Thermo-Optical Analyses.

The Rotary Design Provides Unparalleled Well-To-Well Thermal And Optical Uniformity—Critical Factors In Real-Time Analysis. Its Also Enables A Fast Data Acquisition Rate, A Feature Now Proving To Be Essential For Advanced Applications Such As Hrm (High-Resolution Melt).

This Real-Time Amplification Platform Is Capable Of Hrm (High-Resolution Melt) And Nucleic Acid Concentration Measurement In Addition To All The Standard Real-Time Applications Like Quantitative Amplification And Snp Genotyping.
It Has A Large Optical Range, With 6 Channels Spanning Uv To Infra-Red Wavelengths.
It Uses A Wide Range Of Interchangeable Reaction Tube Formats.

No. Available: 1

Paul Tonks