Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Nmr Spectrometer

Lancaster University

Brand: Bruker
Model: Avance Iii

Bruker Avance Iii Hd 700 Mhz Nmr Spectrometer, With Ultrashieldplus Wide-Bore 16.4 T Magnet, With Four-Channel Avance Iii Hd Console And Bsvt (Above Ambient) And Bcu Ii (Down To -40 °C) Variable Temperature Units. Available Probes: 2.5 Mm Cp/Mas Hxy, 3.2 Mm Cp/Mas Hxy, 4 Mm Cp/Mas Hx (109Ag-13C), Flat Coil 1H/13C/15N Triple Resonance, Liquids 5 Mm Txi (1H, 13C, 15N) Inverse Triple Resonance, With Accompanying Boss-Ii Shim System.Due To Funding Some Restrictions May Apply To The Use Of This Item. For Further Details Please See Geoff Akien Or Mark Rushforth.

No. Available: 1

Dr Geoffrey Akien

Application(s): Research