Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Glove Box

University of Leeds

Model: Mb-Labmaster Sp

Filter Column Valves: Electro.-Pneum. Main Valves (Plc-Controlled). Filter Column Regeneration: Automatic Sequencing Program (Plc- Controlled). Control Unit (Plc): Siemens S7-300. Automatic Box Pressure Control: -15 To +15 Mbar (Box Can Be Operated At Over- And Underpressure). Operation Panel: Touch Panel 5.7”, Color Inc. Graphical Display (24H-Trend) Of Box Pressure O2- And H2O-Value (In Combination With The According Analyzers). Front Window: Polycarbonate With Saphir Hard Coating (Resistant To Many Chemicals And Scratches)
Gloveport Feedthroughs: 2 Pcs., Diameter 220 Mm Inc. Gloves (Butyl).

No. Available: 1

Dr Lars Jeuken