Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Liquid Handling Robot

University of Cambridge

Brand: SPT Labtech
Model: Mosquito

Mosquito Liquid Handling System

Ttp Labtech’S Mosquito⮠Liquid Handling Portfolio Provides You With Precise And Repeatable Nanolitre Pipetting, Every Time, Irrespective Of Liquid Viscosity Or Environmental Conditions.

Ttp Labtech’S Mosquito Liquid Handling Portfolio Offers You:

Amazing Performance From 1200 Nl Right Down To 25 Nl; Or From 5 µl Down To 500 Nl
Guaranteed Zero Cross-Contamination
Accurate Sample Placement For Perfect Drop Dispensing Every Time
Cost Saving From Optimised Sample Use And Reduced Waste
Proven Suitability For Multiple-User Environments – Just Walk Up And Use It.

No. Available: 1

Mr Stephen Mitchell


  • Clean Room

Application(s): Research