Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Inverted Microscope

University of Cambridge

Brand: Leica
Model: DMI 6000 B

Leica Dmi6000 B Inverted Microscope, Frap Illumination System And Live Imaging Chamber.

The Leica Dmi6000 B Inverted Microscope For Biomedical Research Offers Differential Interference Contrast (Dic) For Relief Imaging Of Specimens With Varying Indices Of Refraction.

The Intuitive, Automated Leica Dmi6000 B Is Ideal For Fluorescence, Live Cell, Time-Lapse Imaging, High-Speed Multi-Fluorescence Optical Sectioning, And Micromanipulation And Is Fitted With A Hamamatsu Imageem Enhanced Back-Thinned Emccd Camera.

The System Features An Automated Contrast And Illumination Manager, Motorized Z Focus, Parfocality Function, Automatic Brightness And Diaphragm Adjustment, And Many Other Automated Functions That Provide Convenience And Reproducible Results.

The Frap Illumination System From Rapp Optoelectronic Consists Of
Dl405 And Dpsl 355/14 Laser Systems And A Uga.40 Scanning System.

No. Available: 1

Mrs. Helen Gossage

Application(s): Research