Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Brand: Nikon
Model: Digital Eclipse Dxm 1200

The Digital Eclipse Dxm 1200 Is Nikon’S New High-Resolution Color Digital Camera Designed Exclusively For Photography Through The Microscope. This System Provides High Quality Photo-Realistic Digital Imaging At A Resolution Of Up To 12 Million Pixels With Low Noise, Superb Color Rendition, And High Sensitivity.

One Of The Most Significant Features Of The Dxm 1200 Is The Advanced Control Software (Automatic Camera Tamer Or Act-1) Bundled With The Camera System, Which Allows The Microscopist A Great Deal Of Latitude In Collecting, Organizing, And Correcting Digital Images. Live Color Monitoring On The Supporting Computer Screen At 12 Frames Per Second Enables Easy Focusing Of Images, Which Can Be Saved With A Choice Of Three Formats: Jpg, Tif, And Bmp For Greater Versatility.

Inter-Pixel Stepping (Ips) Technology Is Used To Translocate The Imaging Chip (A 1.4 Megapixel Ccd) To An Upper Resolution Of 3,840 X 3,072 Pixels That Is Distilled By The Software Into 14 Resolution Modes Ranging From Ultra-High Resolution Captures To Low Resolution Images With Very Short Exposure Times. The Higher Resolution Images Are Equivalent To Over 1800 Tv Lines In 24-Bit Rgb Color. Images Captured With The Dxm 1200 Are Of Such High Resolution That They Rival Conventional Film-Based, Silver-Halide Images Or Even Surpass Them For Enlargement Purposes.

No. Available: 1

Mrs. Helen Gossage