Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Confocal Scanner Microscope

University of Cambridge

Brand: Leica
Model: Tcs Sp2

Leica Tcs-Sp2 True Confocal Scanner Microscope. Confocal Microscopy Is An Optical Imaging Technique Used To Increase Optical Resolution And Contrast Of A Micrograph By Using Point Illumination And A Spatial Pinhole To Eliminate Out-Of-Focus Light In Specimens That Are Thicker Than The Focal Plane. It Enables The Reconstruction Of Three-Dimensional Structures From The Obtained Images. This Technique Has Gained Popularity In The Scientific And Industrial Communities And Typical Applications Are In Life Sciences, Semiconductor Inspection And Materials Science. Properties Of The Leica Tcs-Sp2 True Confocal Scanner Microscope Include Usability With Bright Images, Capability For High Experimental Throughput, Flexible Experiment Setup, Simultaneous Multi-Spectral Scanning, Application Oriented Optics, Dye Finder Function, And Realtime X-Y Scanning. To Discover More And Discuss Access To This Piece Of Equipment, Please Liaise With The Primary Contact Detailed Below.

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Mr Wayne Skelton-Hough