Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

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University of Southampton

Our Soft Glass Facilities Offer A Wide Range Of Specialized Glass Making And Fibre Drawing Equipment Including:
A 5M Fibre Drawing Tower With Cane And Fibre Drawing Capabilities Up To 1100Oc; High Temperature (1700Oc & 1800Oc) Elevator Hearth Furnaces And High Temperature (1200Oc)Chamber Furnaces For Glass Melting & Processing; Specialised (1500Oc) Glass Rolling Furnace; High And Low Temperature Ovens; L-Shaped Glove Box System For Batching, Melting, Annealing And Casting Of Glass Under Dry Nitrogen Atmosphere (<1Ppm); Testometric Precision Glass Extrusion Equipment; Hydraulic Glass Extrusion Equipment; Fibre Characterisation Laboratory; Access To A Variety Of Analytical Equipment, Including: Sem Facilities; Optical Microscope Facilities, Thermogravimetric And Thermomechanical Analyzers.

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Prof Francesco Poletti


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