Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Real-time PCR Machine

University of Cambridge

Model: Rotor-Gene 3000

Rotorgene 3000 Real Time Pcr System,

The Corbett Lifescience Rotor Gene 3000 Has Four Excitation Sources Consisting Of Four Leds Coupled With Narrow Bandwidth Filters. The Filters For The Excitation Sources Are: 20Nm Bandwidth 470Nm Filter And 10Nm Bandwidth 530, 585, And 625Nm Filters. A Photomultiplier (Pmt) Detects The Energy From The Base Of The Chamber. The Detection Filter Wheel Has Six Filters, Three 10Nm Band-Pass (510Nm, 555Nm, And 610Nm) And Three High Pass Filters (570Hp, 610Hp And 665Hp). The Rotor Gene 3000 Has Four Preset Channels That Can Be Used In Multiplex Pcr Reactions: Fam/Sybr Green (470/510 Excitation/Detection), Joe (530/555 Excitation/Detection), Rox (585/610 Excitation/Detection) And Cy5 (625/665Hpexcitation/Detection). These Channels Can Detect Fluorophores Other Than Those Implied By Their Names. Dyes That Have A Similar Spectrum May Also Be Detected In The Same Channel I.E. Vic, Hex And Yakima Yellow Can Be Detected In The Joe Channel.
There Are Two Rotors For This Machine; A 36 Well Rotor That Holds 0.2Ml Tubes From Any Supplier And A 72 Well Rotor That Hold 0.1Ml Tubes From Corbett Research. Photograph For Reference Only. Please Liaise With Primary Contact To Discuss And Arrange Access.

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Mrs D Walsh