Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Real Time PCR Machine

University of Cambridge

Brand: Applied Biosystems
Model: 7300

The 7300 Real-Time Pcr System Combines Thermal Cycling, Fluorescence Detection, And Application-Specific Software To Measure The Cycle-By-Cycle Accumulation Of Pcr Products In A Single-Tube,
Homogeneous Reaction.
Quantitative Results Are Available Immediately Upon Completion Of Pcr, With No Need To Run Gels, Purify Pcr Products, Or Perform Any Post-Pcr Manipulations. Real-Time Pcr Runs Are Completed In Under Two Hours, Using 96-Well Plates And Tubes (Individual Or
8-Strip), With A Supported Volume Range Of 20 €“ 100 μL. Compared With Manual Pcr Quantitation Techniques Such As Northern Blotting Or Rnase Protection Assays, Real-Time Pcr Offers Enormous
Time-Savings, Greater Sensitivity, Superior Precision, And A Larger Dynamic Range.
This High-Quality Platform From The Leader In Real-Time Pcr Systems Provides Data You Can Trust At A Price You Can Afford.

No. Available: 1

Mr. David Withers

Application(s): Research