Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

University of Cambridge

Brand: Agilent
Model: 6520

Agilent 6520 Q-Tof Lc-Mass Spec System And Agilent Infinity 1290 Hplc

The Agilent Technologies 6520 Accurate-Mass Q-Tof Lc/Ms Redefines Q-Tof Performance. With Innovations Like 32 Gbit/Sec Data Sampling, High-Efficiency Ion Optics, And Temperature-Stabilized Adc Time-Of-Flight Electronics, The 6520 Achieves A Combination Of Mass Accuracy And Resolution, Sensitivity, And In-Spectrum Dynamic Range That Far Exceeds That Of Other Q-Tof Systems And Orbital Trapping Instruments. The Accuratemass Q-Tof Provides The Capabilities You Need To Profile, Identify, Characterize, And Even Quantitate Samples As Diverse As Drug Impurities, Endogenous Metabolites, And Protein Biomarkers.

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