Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Emccd Camera

University of Cambridge

Brand: Photometrics
Model: Evolve 512

The Evolve 512 Intelligent Emccd Camera Is An Imaging Solution Capable Of Reading Pixel Data In Photoelectrons, Resulting In Highly Accurate And Reproducible Data. This Camera Is Ideally Suited For Low-Light Bioimaging Applications, Such As Photo-Activated Localization Microscopy (Palm), Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (Storm), Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy, Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (Tirf) Microscopy, Cell Trafficking Studies, Live-Cell Fluorescent Protein Imaging And Single Molecule Fluorescence (Smf). Please Liaise With The Research And Facilities Manager (Details Below) To Learn More And Discuss Access.

No. Available: 1

Howard Jones