Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment


University of Cambridge

Brand: Sorvall
Model: Discovery 100Se

With Speeds Up To 100,000 Rpm, The Sorvall Discovery 100Se Ultracentrifuge Offers Unsurpassed Performance. All The Advanced Features Come With Top-Of-The-Line Performance, Powerful Functionality, And Revolutionary Ease Of Use, All Built Into The Smallest, Quietest, Floor Model Ultra On The Market.


€¢ Maximum Speed Of 100,000Rpm (802,006 X G)
€¢ Simple Keypad And Large Lcd Display For Easy Set-Up Of Routine Spins . Control Panel Is Simple With Easy Key Operation And Easy-To-See Liquid Crystal Screen.
€¢ The Displayed Language Can Be Switched Over Between English And Japanese
€¢ The Real-Time Control (Rtc) Feature Enables Setting A Start Time Or A Finish Time, Thus Letting You Run Your Machine At A Desired Date And Time.
€¢ Centrifugal Force (Rcfmax And Rcfavg) Can Be Displayed And Set.
€¢ Twenty Varieties Of Nine Stepped Modes Can Be Programmed For A Wide Range Of Applications.
€¢Various Alarms Notify Users Of Causes And Necessary Actions When Fault Conditions Are Detected Allowing Easier And Quicker Troubleshooting.
€¢ Low Noise Level Makes The Ultracentrifuge Suitable For Use In Any Laboratory.
€¢ Samples Can Be Easily Balanced Visually.
€¢ Cfc-Free Thermoelectric Cooling System With Greater Cooling Capacity.

Rotors Available:-

Swinging Bucket Aluminum Made Rotor
Capacity: 6 X 5Ml (0.03L)
Max. Speed/Rcf: 50,000Rpm/296,005Xg
K Factor: 53
Angle: 90°
Titanium Rotor
Capacity: 8 X 12.5 Ml.
Fixed-Angle: 25.5°.
Maximum Speed: 80,000 Rpm1.
K Factor: 28.0
Material. Titanium.
Capacity. 12 X 12.5 Ml.
Maximum Speed. 70,000 Rpm
K Factor. 36.3

No. Available: 1

Dr John O’Brien