Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Liquid Handling Robot

University of Cambridge

Brand: Thermoscientific
Model: Matrix Platemate

Matrix Platemate Plus High Throughput Automated Pipetting System

The Matrix Platemate Plus Combines The Versatility Of The Matrix Platemate 2X2 Platform With Integrated Stackers For Increased Throughput And Greater Walk-Away Capabilities. The Instrument Offers The Choice Of Eight Pipetting Heads That Can Pipette 96 Or 384 Samples At Once, With Volumes As Low As 0.1 µl. The Matrix Platemate Plus Can Be Configured To Access 96-, 384- Or 1536-Well Microplates, And Its Four Deck Positions Can Accommodate Plates, Reservoirs Or Tip Wash Stations.

No. Available: 1

Mr. Craig Luccarini

Application(s): Research