Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Fluorescence Inverted Microscope System

University of Cambridge

Brand: Olympus
Model: Ix71

Olympus Ix71 Inverted Microscope System. The Ix71 Has A Unique Two-Tiered, V-Shape Optical Design That Provides Tremendous Versatility And Bright Images With Minimal Reflections Or Frame Modifications. The Two-Tiered Optical System Creates Access To An Upper And Lower Rear Port Without Modifying The Stage Or Fluorescence Raypath. Rear Ports Facilitate The Mounting Of Cameras And Laser Scan Heads While Keeping The Sides Of The Microscope Free For Additional Equipment. Newly Developed For The Ix2 Microscopes Is A Dual Camera Adapter For The Left Side Port That Permits Two-Camera Access To A Primary Image. The Adapter Also Accepts A Dichromatic Mirror For Spectral Separation Between Cameras. Frame Stability Has Been Improved By Utilizing An External Power Supply To Reduce Heat Generation And Thermal Expansion. The Frame Is Computer Designed And Constructed Of Cast Adc-12 Aluminum For Improved Rigidity And Stability. A Redesigned Nosepiece Focus Assembly Results In Greater Stability Over Prolonged Observations. The Single Reflection V-Lightpath And Improved Apochromatic Relay Lens Provide Single Reflection, High Intensity, Highly Corrected Images. All Microscope Controls Are Ergonomically Placed And Vibration-Free In Operation. Improved Condensers Have Adjustable Click Stops. New Dic Condenser With Optional Water Immersion Lens Provides 3.7Mm Of Working Distance With A 0.9 Na And Includes A 40° Access Angle That Is Excellent For Patch Clamp Electrodes. To Learn More And Discuss Access To This Piece Of Equipment, Please Liaise With The Primary Contact Detailed Below.

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Dr Abell Katherine