Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment

Millling Machine

Queen Mary University of London

High Speed Milling Machine. Our Planetary Milling Machine Is A Able To Reduce Powder Particle Sizes To A Several Atoms (Few Nanometers) And Is Currently The Only Device Of Its Kind Wthin The Uk. It Is Used Predominately To Produce The Raw Materials For Materials/Bodies With Nano-Scale Microstructures. It Is Also Well Suited For Mixing And Homogenising Emulsions And Pastes Or For Mechanical Alloying In Materials Research, And Has Been Used To Make Ceramic Slurries For Casting Of Ceramic Green Bodies. The Grinding Can Take Place Dry, In Suspension Or Under Inert Gas, Depending On The Application. Our Premium Line P7 Is An Extension To The Existing Classic Line Of Planetary Mills. Previously Unachieved Rotation Speeds Are Now Possible With The P7, Yielding Ultra-Fine Grinding Results Down To The Nano Range. Sample Quantities Can Be As High As 70 Ml Per Operation And The Disc Speed Can Vary From 100 – 1,100 Rpm, With Particles Final Fineness <0.1

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Dr Emiliano Bilotti